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International Certificate of Competence for Skipper Pleasure Craft No: 3207 Issuing Authority: Maritime Office of the Slovak republic Date of Issue: 12.11. 2009 Zones:

  • Sea Navigation - limited sea waters up to 200 nautical miles from the coast

International Certificate of Competence for Skipper Pleasure Craft No: 2173 Issuing Authority: Maritime Office of the Slovak republic Date of Issue: 25.05. 2006 Zones:

  • Coastal Navigation - limited sea waters up to 12 nautical miles from the coast

Radiotelephone operator's restricted certificate for Maritime Service No: OFL 105/2005 Issuing Authority: Telecommunications Office of the Slovak republic Date of Issue: 8.11. 2005 Small craft skipper No: BA-15379/07 Issuing Authority: State Navigation Administration Date of Issue: 23.11.2007 Categories:

  • A - Small craft without mechanical drive and small craft wit mechanical drive from 4kW to 20 kW
  • B - Small craft with mechanical drive above 20kW
  • C - Sailboat with sail up to 12 m2

Sea miles sailed

Area Route Date Function Sailed
Adriatic sea Sukosan-Trogir-Kornati-Sukosan 26.6.2004-3.7.2004 crew 180 NM
Adriatic sea Sukosan-Tucepi-Hvar-Sukosan 28.5.2005-4.6.2005 crew 240 NM
*Adriatic sea Sibenik-Zlarin-Kremik-Betina -Rava-Vodice-Kremik-Sibenik 13.5.2006-19.5.2006 crew 204 NM
Adriatic sea Tribunj-Trogir-Palmizana- Rogoznica-Kakan-Betina-Tribunj 17.6.2006-24.6.2006 skipper 127 NM
Adriatic sea Krvavica-Sucuraj-Palmizana- Bol-Krvavica 28.4.2007-2.5.2007 skipper 95 NM
Adriatic sea Dubrovnik-Mljet-Korcula- Mljet-Dubrovnik 16.6.2007-23.6.2007 skipper 160 NM
Adriatic sea Dubrovnik-Sipan-Mljet-Korcula- Mljet-Dubrovnik 23.6.2007-30.6.2007 skipper 122 NM
Adriatic sea Sukosan-Murter-Skradin- Rogoznica-Tribunj-Zut-Sukosan 17.5.2008-24.5.2008 skipper 160NM
Adriatic sea Sukosan-Molat-Mali Losinj- Rab-Dugi Otok-Zut-Sukosan 21.6.2008-28.6.2008 skipper 191NM
Adriatic sea Sukosan-Kakan-Trogir- Zirje-Iz-Sukosan 4.10.2008-11.10.2008 crew 200NM
Adriatic sea Sukosan-Zirje-Vis- Palmizana-Primosten-Zut-Sukosan 13.6.2009-20.6.2009 skipper 214,5NM
Adriatic sea Sukosan-Murter-Primosten- Zirje-Biograd-Sukosan 20.6.2009-27.6.2009 skipper 126,5NM
Adriatic sea Sukosan-Zirje-Palmizana- Kremik-Ravni Zakan-Sukosan 5.9.2009-12.9.2009 skipper 222,5NM
Adriatic sea Sukosan-Molat-Mali Losing-Silba-Dugi Otok-Zut-Sukosan 11.9.2010-18.9.2010 skipper 190,3NM
Caribbean sea Martinique-St.Lucia-St.Vincent-Bequia-Union Island-Petit St.Vincent-Tobago Cays-Mayreau-St.Vincent-St.Lucia-Martinique 19.3.2011-7.3.2011 crew 243NM
Adriatic sea Sukosan-Pasman-Jezera(Murter)-Zirje-Skradin-Sibenik-Telascica(Dugi Otok)-Sukosan 9.7.2011-15.7.2011 skipper 184NM
Adriatic sea Sukosan-Kakan-Primosten-Tribunj-Telascica-Pasman-Sukosan 3.9.2011-9.9.2011 crew 151,9NM
Adriatic sea Primosten-Komiza-Lastovo-Palmizana-Zlarin-Primosten 8.9.2012-15.9.2012 skipper 155NM
Adriatic sea Sukosan-Primosten-Rogoznica-Skradin-Vodice-Vrgada-Sukosan 22.6.2013-29.6.2013 skipper 148NM
Adriatic sea Sukosan-Zirje-Trogir-Primosten-Telascica-Pasman-Sukosan 7.6.2014-13.6.2014 crew


Adriatic sea Primosten-Mljet-Palmizana-Trogir-Kakan-Skradin-Primosten 12.6.2015-19.6.2015 skipper


Adriatic sea Sukosan-Kakan-Trogir-Primosten-Vrulje-Zut-Sukosan 1.9.2018-8.9.2018 skipper


Adriatic sea Trogir-Stari Grad (Hvar)-Lucica (Brac)-Palmizana(Hvar)-Solta-Trogir 21.8.2021-.28.8.2021 Crew


Adriatic sea Biograd-Molat-Silba-Dugi otok-Zut-Murter-Biograd 20.8.2022-.27.8.2022 Crew

150 NM

Total       4158,6NM
Total as skipper       2394,7NM


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